What if I drop the product?

We would recommend using a sheet on the floor whilst applying Chameledec. Due to the natural dye we use, dropping the product on the floor is not a problem for the flooring but you do risk contamination of the product.

What do I do with excessive product?

Any unmixed Chameledec can be stored in a bag, sealed and stored in a dry and cool place. For mixed Chameledec, place in a sealed container and pop in your freezer. The mixture can be stored in your freezer for indefinite duration and can be re-frozen if necessary.  To use the frozen product, simply leave at room temperature to defrost and then apply.

What if I am not happy with the finish?

Maybe you do not get the application right at the first attempt.  Simple, all you need to do is to re-hydrate the area you want to titivate and rework with a plastic trowel as necessary.

Can Chameledec be removed or re-used?

Yes it can!  Rehydrate the product with spray applied water and leave to soak in before removing with a trowel or general purpose scraper.  The product can now be re-applied to another surface of your choice.

What happens if Chameledec is damaged once applied?

It is easy to remedy any damage on the wall without applying further product.  Once Chameledec has been totally rehydrated, re-work the material with a trowel to cover the damaged area and leave to dry.  Watch the video on our ‘About Chameledec’ page for guidance.